Project XY: Genome Insights

One test, lifespan healthcare planning

Test whole genome sequence once and receive up-to-date, actionable genome-based healthcare reports during the whole lifetime​

As more and more disease-gene relationships are discovered, genome-based healthcare reports shouldn’t be a one-time service, especially when the human reference genome is kept updating.

Based on the ultra-fast and fully automated end-to-end genome analysis pipeline,  GeneASIC offers genome analytics reports annually with the latest disease-gene information once WGS is performed.

Inside the black box

The disease risk assessment of gene variants can be updated regularly by our automated, end-to-end NGS analysis solution, consisting of GeneASIC NGSAAP and Holmes. As fully local computing, genomic data is completely protected.



An ultra-fast NGS analysis platform

GeneASIC NGSAAP is an on-premise platform that completes 30X WGS secondary analysis within 30 minutes.



An automated pathogenic mutation classifier

Holmes automates the pathogenicity identification process based on the refined ACMG/AMP variant classification criteria – SHERLOC. 

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