Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform

The GeneASIC NGSAAP is an ultra-fast NGS data analysis solution. The tedious sequencing analysis pipeline is miniaturized to a compact size without compromising accuracy. Fully local computing ensures data security and privacy. The system enables direct and instant access to the genotypes, saving significant amount of time for data transmission between end-users and cloud servers. No matter which gene sequencing is performed, the GeneASIC NGSAAP can facilitate to unlock the power of genomics anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Complete up to 55 whole human genome analysis per day

Comprehensive Data Control

Empower users to own comprhensive data control and ensure data privacy with fully local computing

Decent Flexibility

Friendly to standard office environment and provide server-grade performance in a desktop form factor


Hospitals and Cancer Centers
Health Management Centers
Genetic Testing Providers
Research Institutes


Accelerated NGS data analysis

The runtime was evaluated with 30X NA12878. The average processing time of 30X WGS was 30 minutes.

Ultra-fast analysis without compromising accuracy

The performance of GeneASIC NGSAAP was calculated with the datasets and groundtruth from PrecisionFDA Truth Challenge 2016.

Dataset HG001.WG HG002.WG
99.83% 99.64%
99.85% 99.10%
99.84% 99.37%
* The runtime was calculated as analyzing samples in a row. The mapping and variant calling could be processed concurrently.