About Us

Break down the barriers of sequencing technology

As scientists in the bioinformatics field, we saw how powerful genomics could be and the technical bottlenecks in introducing sequencing technology to the general public. We have the vision to promote genome sequencing from rare to routine and fulfill precision medicine. To be part of the improvement of human society, we are thrilled to leverage our advanced technology.

The fully integrated and miniaturized sequencing data analysis acceleration solution was developed by our team. Our core technology has made a breakthrough against conventional slow edge computing or cloud computing. The team was honored in various competitions and events, such as ISSCC Takuo Sugano Award for Outstanding Far-East Paper, FUTEX Futuretech Award, Gold Award of Macronix Golden Silicon Award – The Semiconductor Design and Application Competition. Spinning off from the top-tier universities, we are confident to bring more groundbreaking products to society and improve the quality of people’s life.